laura’s story

Laura Heys

I had always been an anxious child right from when I was a needy baby (sorry Mum) and remember crying to my parents that I couldn’t sleep. I was a perfectionist who struggled to accept failure or low marks which continued into adulthood. I now treat generalised anxiety disorder and mild depression with a (mostly!) healthy lifestyle, therapy and medication. I feel that as time passes I can recognise more and more when the downward spiral begins, and can then better “steer the ship” back towards a peaceful frame of mind. Sometimes the steering of the ship is easy and through calm waters but other times I have to fight with all my might to steer it through cyclonic weather back onto course. For anyone experiencing times when your strength falters and you can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel, please hang in there. Do the reps of the things that you know will help you feel better and you will get strong. “there are days when the light flickers and then I remember I am the light I go in and switch it back on”- Rupi Kaur, Power.

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