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Our Partners

Together, we can create lasting change

We value our partnerships deeply, recognising that our shared mission to dismantle the stigmas surrounding men’s mental health can only be achieved through mutual support and collective effort.

Our partnerships with key charities and organisations are vital. They allow us to expand our reach, enhance our programs, and deepen our impact. By bringing together diverse perspectives and resources, we ensure that every initiative is enriched with the wisdom and experience of those who share our commitment to men’s holistic wellbeing.

We listen, learn & evolve

Together, we listen, learn, and evolve, driven by a common purpose: to integrate mental wellness into the fabric of everyday life and foster a supportive community where men can thrive. Our partners are more than allies; they are integral members of the Mens Talk family, each contributing uniquely towards our vision of a healthier, more inclusive future.

Key Charity Spotlight: Lifeline

Since our inception, Lifeline has been a pivotal partner for Mens Talk, aligning closely with our mission to enhance men’s mental health and wellness. They provide essential referral services to specialised grief counseling and support our events and workshops, helping to extend our reach and deepen our impact.

Our collaboration with Lifeline is a cornerstone of our efforts to create engaging, impactful experiences that promote mental health awareness and education. Together, we are committed to fostering a supportive community where men can thrive and mental health is prioritised.

Only together can we drive the change we are so passionately seeking

Paul Litwin – Mens Talk CEO

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