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Empowering Wellness and Masculinity

Breaking Barriers: Introducing Katitjin Blue Mind Place

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Katitjin Blue Mind Places, dedicated Men’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Hubs located in Scarborough and Busselton.

Supported by the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia, these hubs mark a significant milestone in addressing the unique mental health challenges faced by men.

Men often encounter obstacles in seeking support and expressing their struggles. This partnership aims to foster a supportive environment, promoting openness and resilience within the WA community. Men’s Talk is committed to breaking down these barriers, encouraging men to seek help and build a culture of support.

Transforming Men's Health

The Katitjin Blue Mind Places in Scarborough and Busselton will serve as inclusive spaces where men can access a wide range of support services and resources tailored to their mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Support

Gain access to a comprehensive range of
mental health resources tailored specifically
to meet your individual needs. Our team will
connect you with the right professionals and
support networks to ensure you receive the best
care possible.

Mentoring Programs

Connect with mentors who are here to provide
guidance, support, and encouragement. Our
programs are designed to help you navigate
life’s challenges, set and achieve personal goals,
and build resilience.

Information and Resources

Discover a wealth of valuable information and
resources designed to support your mental
wellness journey.

Workshops & Events

Join us for a variety of workshops and events,
both in-house and through community outreach,
aimed at enhancing your wellbeing.

We need to continue to work together to help men, their families and the community thrive.

Maureen Lewis – Commissioner for the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia

Scarborough Hub

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9AM – 4PM

12PM – 5PM

Busselton Hub

Opening Hours

9AM – 4PM

12PM – 5PM